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Sangatani Sangati Hai — Song Of Love, Friendship And Betrayal

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The song, ‘Sangatani Sangati Hai‘ is Nabeel Qadir’s latest work of art. Qadir is blessed with a heart-touching voice that takes listeners to a different dimension altogether. What makes the song even better is Khalid Ars’ poetry. The two strike a perfect balance to create a song that talks about true love and worth of humanity in the universe.

Where Ars masterfully puts into words the importance of co-existence, humanity, and relationship with one another, Qadir’s mesmerizing voice accompanied by the soothing music gives a deeper meaning to the words. The attractiveness of singers’ soft voice is felt by every listener who becomes deeply lost in imaginations.

The song indicates the current relationship of brotherhood and friendship might change according to the circumstances. Ars writes that there is no guarantee of today’s friendships and brotherhood as they are not tangible and can leave you when you might need them the most.

The song and lyrics sing out loud the lack of empathy among human beings today. People don’t feel the pain of people. They have become so greedy that they would not hesitate or think twice before stabbing a friend in the back simply to earn some profits, breaking promises and hurting people.

Friendships are now weaker than they used to be in the past. They are more material now and based on benefits. Money, fame and the race to reach the top by hook or crook has become so popular that relationships and meaningful connections do not mean anything anymore to people.

The song covers the actual nature of humanity. That the human race is greedy and people have little or no regard for one another. The uniqueness of Nabeel Qadir and poet Khalid Ars is wholeheartedly appreciated for providing awareness about friendship and relationship of human beings.


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