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Railways Suffered Loss Of Rs29 Billion In PTI’s First 8 Months

Contradicting minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed’s profit claim, the Pakistan Railways suffered a loss of Rs29 billion in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s first 8 months.

Earlier, Sheikh Rasheed had said that the railway’s department gained profits of Rs43 Billion since PTI took over. However, a report presented to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Friday told otherwise. According to the report submitted to the committee by Railways officials, the total expenditures of the Pakistan Railways stood at Rs72 billion.

The report also mentioned that six of the 10 new trains inaugurated by the ministry were suffering losses. Among the six are Dhabeji Express, Shah Latif Express, Mohenjodaro Express, Rohi Passenger Train, Thal-Mianwali Express, Faisalabad Non-Stop Train and Rawalpindi Express.

In response, Sheikh Rashid told the committee that only two of the new trains, the Dhabeji Express and Rohi Passenger Train, were reporting losses.

“We have saved 1.7 million litres of fuel even after running 26 trains,” Rasheed said, adding that there would not be any increase in the fare prices. He said prices for only seats with AC seats and elite trains will be increased.

MNA Rafiq inquired about the feasibility reports of the new trains that had been launched one after the other during the current government’s tenure.

“Where are the coaches for these trains coming from? We need all the details. You must keep 15% of coaches in spare, but currently we have none,” he remarked.

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