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Prisoners in Shahpur District Jail Riot, Hold Officials Hostage

Prisoners in Shahpur district jail took several officials hostage, including the jail superintendent, deputy superintendent and assistant superintendent.

As per reports, at least 200 prisoners rioted and some snatched weapons from prison officials. They also threatened to hold the visiting judicial officers hostage, if their demands were not met.

The trouble started on Sunday when two rival police gangs got in a fight. One of the gang started a protest on Monday against Superintendent Waheed Khan and his assistant Khalid, claiming that they favoured their rival gang.

Regional Police Officer Syed Khurram Ali Shah, in order to control the situation ordered police officers from all adjoining districts to surround the jail premises and block roads.Officers also released tear gas to subdue the prisoners that has come out of their barracks. In retaliation, the prisoners set fire to some bushes.

Eventually, DIG Prisons Rana Abdul Rauf managed to persuade the prisoners to free the hostages, assuring them that their certain demands would be met.




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