People Can Now Use the Ministry of Postal Services’ Rest Houses

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People Can Now Use the Ministry of Postal Services’ Rest Houses

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Postal Services on Saturday announced it had opened its rest houses across the country for the general public, reported Geo News.

According to a notification, the decision has been taken in the context of better utilisation of the country’s resources and facilitating the masses.

Tourists will now be able to stay in government rest houses during their visit, the notification stated, adding that the rest houses from Karachi to Murree had been revamped on the instructions of Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed.

The facility of residence at these rest houses can be availed by paying a minimum amount of Rs1200 to Rs3000.

This service is being provided to increase the income of the government and reducing the expenses of the people.

Those interested can avail information about the rest houses through Pakistan Post’s app, the notification added.


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