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‘Peechay Dekho Peechay’: Virat Kohli A Fan Of Ahmed Shah

Pakistan’s child social media star Ahmed Shah is the most popular kid in the country. From ‘Ye Mera Basta Hai’ to ‘Peechay Dekho Peechay’, Shah has gathered a fanbase that literally adores him.

He has also made TV appearances on major channels of Pakistan, and one of the main stars of ARY’s Ramazan transmission. But it seems as if his fame has crossed borders as Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli also seems to be a fan of the 4-year-old.


A video of the Indian cricketer went viral in which he was trying to utter the dialogue ‘Peechay Dekho Peechay‘ in the same fashion as the child. Kohli was in fits of laughter as he uttered those words.

Among the most popular admirers of Ahmed Shah are Pakistani actors Mahira Khan, Neelum Muneer, Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Mustafa, and Waseem Badami. They all have said they are fans of Shah.

Shah rose to fame after his video ‘Ye Mera Basta Hai‘ went viral. In the video, he could be seen arguing with his teacher who had jokingly confiscated his bag.


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