Pakistani Family Wins Technology Award At AI World Championship

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Pakistani Family Wins Technology Award At AI World Championship

A Pakistani family on Tuesday won the Technology Award at Artificial Intelligence World Championship for developing Cavity Crusher, an artificial intelligence device that helps parents monitor their child’s brushing habits.

They participated in the junior division of the AI Family Challenge in the first ever AI World Championship in Santa Clara, USA. The winning family’s coach, Sana Mehmood, was also recognized for her efforts.

Young developer Yasir Salman developed a mobile app that keeps track of a child’s brushing habits. Yasir came up with artificial intelligence (AI) based solution to make the parents’ job easier.

He developed the application named ‘The Cavity Crusher‘ which comes with a toothpaste/brush stand. The application and the stand can be connected via Bluetooth and this keeps track of how many times and for how many minutes a child used the toothpaste.

An AI-based monitor will assess the time spent to determine the child’s oral health habits, the application will then send a message to the parents informing them accordingly. The device will also tell if the toothpaste was used and if it was, then how much of it.

“Our solution is to create a long sustaining habit for children like me who develop early learning and bad brushing behaviour, hence comes the cavity crusher,” Yasir told the Express Tribune.

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