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Pakistan Ranks 154th On Child Rights Index

Pakistan ranks 154th in child rights index with low scores in education and health, a KidsRight Foundation survey revealed on Tuesday.

The KidsRights Index ranks all countries that are a party to the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). The foundation keeps track of what the countries are doing to fulfill the convention demands and what do they need to do to implement and ensure the provision of rights to children.

KidsRights prepares its report based on five domains which are Right to Life, Right to Health, Right to Education, Right to Protection and Enabling Environment for Child Rights. Out of a total score of 1, Pakistan scored 0.574 in life, 0.511 in health, 0.405 in education, 0.567 in protection and 0.643 in child rights environment. The overall score was 0.492.

Surprisingly, the United Kingdom and New Zealand were ranked below Pakistan in the index. Britain ranked 170, while New Zealand ranked 169 out of 181 countries. The reason for the low rankings of the two countries was mistreatment of migrant children and protection for poorer youths.

“It’s a shame that countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand are really at the lowest ranks of this index,” KidsRights founder and chairman Marc Dulleart told AFP.

Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland were the top five countries in the rankings, while Chad, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone were among the bottom three.

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