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Nationalism To Blame More Than Religion For Radicalism: Fatima Bhutto

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Author Fatima Bhutto believes nationalism is to blame more than religion for radicalism, adding that radicalism was not the ‘exclusive’ property of one religion or ethnicity.

In an interview with The Wire, Bhutto said that Radicalism is a reaction spurred by nationalism more than any religious belief. “Studies have shown this to us again and again. A University of Chicago professor studied every case of suicide terrorism in the early 2000s and found that they were motivated by political beliefs, not religious ones.”

She gave the example of New Zealand mosques shooter saying that he was inspired by a hateful interpretation of nationalism that motivated his violent actions.

The Songs of Blood and Sword author said that the West does not understand the pain of the non-Western world. “They have constructed a completely false narrative about radicalism, which conveniently excuses their wars, their occupations, from any role in its creation.”

Speaking about the role of world leaders including Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bhutto said that the job of a leader was to provide the vision for the youth of their countries and develop an inclusive environment.

She said that when people get basic necessities of life, they don’t need to pick up arms.

“When people have dignified work, a home, a feeling – that of security that comes from knowing they are a vital part of the fabric of their country and community – they don’t run away to die. They don’t pick up arms if they are assured an honorable life in their home countries.”

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  1. Major(r) Nadeem Ahmad May 7, 2019

    I tend to agree with her but somehow well off people are also involved in this.

  2. Edrich Miranda May 10, 2019

    I beg to differ, with major Nadeem Ahmad’s hypothesis, “About the rich being involved”, cause the basis ingredients are patently illegal political oppression. Difficult to describe, need be experienced.


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