Court Approves Meesha Shafi's Appeal For Change Of Judge In Ali Zafar Defamation Case

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Court Approves Meesha Shafi’s Appeal For Change Of Judge In Ali Zafar Defamation Case

A sessions court in Lahore approved an appeal by singer Meesha Shafi seeking the change of the judge hearing a defamation case filed against her by actor Ali Zafar.

Meesha had claimed that the judge was showing partiality towards Ali and had appealed that the case be transferred to another court.

“The defendant does not have any confidence that the learned judge will be able to impartially and fairly proceeding in the case and hence desires to transfer her above-mentioned case to any other court of competent jurisdiction,” the appeal read.

Judge Muhammad Khalid Nawaz accepted the singer’s appeal.

Last April, Meesha accused her fellow singer and actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. Ali denied the charges and filed a defamation suit against Meesha.  He is also seeking Rs 1 billion in damages.

The case recently come under spotlight when several celebs announced their boycott of the Lux Style Awards over Ali’s nomination, saying they weren’t comfortable sharing a platform with an alleged harasser. Soon after Ali decided to give several interviews in which he accused Meesha of lying and misusing the international #MeToo Movement. In response Meesha has also filed a defamation case against the singer/actor for Rs 2 billion.

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