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Man Bites Back Snake As Revenge After Getting Bitten. Both Die

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A man in the Indian state of Gujarat bit and killed a snake after the reptile bit him.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Ajanwa village in Santrampur tehsil, over 120 kilometers from here, said Ajanwa sarpanch Kanu Baria. The snake bit the man while he was trying to catch the reptile. Angered and filled with vengeance, the man bit the snake back and killed it.

He was rushed to a hospital in Lunawada town and then shifted to a bigger medical facility in Godhra but the venom had spread throughout his body and he eventually died.

“Parvat Gala Baria was standing near a spot where maize was being loaded from a field onto a truck. A snake slithered out and while others there ran away, he continued to stand claiming he had caught snakes earlier,” a resident of the village said.

The village further revealed that the snake retaliated by biting him back after he had grabbed it.

Parvat’s daughter-in-law Leela Baria told media that she got to know about the incident from relatives. “The relative took the snake and burnt it, but brought the remains to the hospital for Baria to see.”

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