Lahore Court Dismisses Petition Seeking FIR Against Aurat March Participants

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Lahore Court Dismisses Petition Seeking FIR Against Aurat March Participants

A sessions court in Lahore dismissed a petition seeking registration of First Information Report (FIR) against participants of the Aurat March and directed the petitioner to pursue the case before the Federal Investigation Agency.

The court said that the FIA was the appropriate platform to address allegations of immoral pictures being uploaded on social media. Petitioner Amina Malik of the Civil Society Network had said that immoral and unconstitutional acts were carried out by participants of the Aurat March.

Additional District and Sessions Judge Amir Habib announced the verdict on the petition today and noted that the police had said no illegal steps were taken during the rally. The court added that the FIA could register the case as cybercrime and that the petitioner should pursue it with the FIA.

The order stated: “The instant petition stands disposed of with the observation that the petitioner shall approach the concerned forum for redressal of her grievance.”

After its debut in 2018, the Aurat March took to streets again this year to celebrate the International Women’s Day in Pakistan.

The main demand was freedom: Freedom from patriarchy and from regressive norms that don’t let women achieve their full potential. The event was attended by women from all walks of life.

A plethora of celebrities, social workers, students, and others attended the march in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, Quetta, Hyderabad and Peshawar. This year’s theme was to bring justice to the peripheries.

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