Cartoon By Afraif Canvas: Pashtun Girl In Islamabad Murdered After Rape While Police Kept Refusing To Register FIR | #Justice For Farishta

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A 10-year-old girl was murdered after rape in Islamabad’s Shahzad Town area and the police kept refusing to register the FIR for several days, while the SHO kept telling the family of the girl that she must have fled with someone on her own. Her brother says that he kept requesting the police to register the case but they kept denying him the basic right. In a video message, brother of the girl who runs a vegetable shop told that the incident took place on 15th of May. “When I reached home, I asked where the girl was. My mother said she had gone to the neighbours to play. After Iftar, we went to the neighbours but she wasn’t there. We kept looking for her but to no avail. We came to the police station to file an FIR at 10pm but the SHO told us she must have fled with someone. She’s just 10-year-old. He was playing with his own kids in the police station and was telling us that she must have fled with someone”, the brother said. The mutilated body of the minor girl, identified as Farishta, was eventually found in Shahzad Town last night. Polyclinic Hospital didn’t conduct the postmortem for several hours and fulfilled the duty only after a protest by the rights activists outside the hospital. The protesters earlier today gathered outside the police station and demanded suspension of the entire police station staff. Farishta’s brother said, the police would make him do the labour work for them all day while he was fasting. According to latest reports, an FIR has been filed after Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari’s personal and direct intervention.
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#JusticeForFarishta | Pashtun Girl In Islamabad Murdered After Rape While Police Kept Refusing To Register FIR

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