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Is It Media Freedom? SHO Says TV Anchor Imran Khan Insults, Threatens Him to Get Some Detained Persons Released

In the latest incident of media persons threatening the police officials, the Hanjarwal SHO [Station House Officer] has accused Imran Khan – the host of TV show Takrar aired by Express News – of forcing him to release some detained persons or face dire consequences.

SHO Tariq Wali says in the report filed by him that he was patrolling the area near Shaukat Khanum Hospital when he received a call on his official number during which the caller, Imran, identified himself,

Imran, while talking about some people brought from the Green Town area by a sub-inspector (SI), asked him to come and wait at the police station where he would tell him that the police station did not belong to his (SHO’s) father, Wali added.

The SHO says when he protested the use of insulting language, the TV anchor replied that he did not know who he was.

The report says when he arrived at the police station Imran accompanied by four other persons, who were already present there, got angry on seeing him and said that he had ensured suspension of several SHOs and he (Wali) too would be taught a lesson while insulting before the top officials.

When asked why all this hullabaloo, Imran demanded that the persons brought by SI Arif in connection with a recovery application must be released immediately; moreover, the SI should take action against the applicant for filing a false application.

The SHO, however, said that the matter was in the hands of the SI who would make a decision according to merit.

On hearing this, Imran started threatening him, says the SHO and phoned the DSP Sabzazar from his mobile.

Requesting the top officials of the insults and threats faced by him, the SHO says report had been filed for their information.

This is not the first such incident, as a recording was appeared on social media in which senior columnist Haroon-ur-Rasheed – associated with Dunya News –demanded the release of a detained person named Nadeem Abbas and clearly insulted and threatened a police official.

Haroon during the conversation repeatedly used abusive language and said what he [the police official] could do.

Meanwhile, it is clear in the recording that the police official argued that “if the suspect is innocent, I will prove him innocent. If he is guilty, I will prove him guilty.”

“I have a criterion. I never do injustice to anyone. I fear Allah,” he added.


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