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Increase In Women’s Involvement In Terrorist Groups: Study

A group of North Carolina State University researchers has found that there has been an increase in women’s involvement in terrorist groups around the world.

They conducted comparative analyses of 272 women and 266 men, who were matched to control for variables such as ethnicity, the nation of residence and age at radicalisation.

The researchers found that 34% of women in ‘Jihadi terrorist groups around the world’ were born after 1990. In comparison, only 15% of men were born after 1990 and most were born before the time period.

This suggests that the terrorist groups maybe recruiting an increasing number of women.

The study also found out that women were less likely to plan and carry out terrorist attacks in comparison to men.

Only 52% of the women were involved in plots, compared to 76% of men. Researchers said that women’s role in terrorist groups were defined by traditional norms, according to which women are expected to work ‘behind the scenes’.

Only 2% of the women had a criminal background before radicalisation, compared to 19% of the men, the study revealed.

14% of the men had no profession in the six months preceding their affiliation with a terrorist group, while almost 42% of the women were unemployed during the same timeframe.

According to a 2018 report in The Guardian, 4,761 (13%) of 41,490 foreign citizens who became affiliated with Isis in Iraq and Syria between April 2013 and June 2018 were women. Experts also warned the growing number of women and child recruits in the group.

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