Imran Rejects Miandad’s Criticism, Reiterates His Stance Against Departmental Cricket

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Imran Rejects Miandad’s Criticism, Reiterates His Stance Against Departmental Cricket

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Javed Miandad had his own opinion, but reiterated the stance against departmental cricket.

“Javed has his opinion,” the prime minister said as he stressed that nowhere else in the world would sponsors field their teams in tournaments, reported Geo News.

Talking to senior journalists, Imran responded to Miandad’s criticism of abolishing departmental cricket.

“Across the world, there are local matches. Pakistan is the only country where sponsors have teams. I have been asking for this structure to be fixed since my cricket playing days.”

The prime minister asked why Pakistan was the only country where departments were paying players. “I can guarantee that no one can beat Pakistan if this corrupt system is fixed.”

The prime minister – also the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) – has told PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani to abolish departments’ role in cricket structure and restrict the domestic first-class tournaments to six provincial teams.

On April 27, Miandad – flanked by Jahangir Khan and Islahuddin at news conference – was critical of the prime minister’s decision, stating that departmental cricket was a way for players to earn a living.

The former Pakistan legend said that till there were departmental cricket and sports, the country was making great strides. “I can say with surety that if it wasn’t for PIA, Jahangir Khan wouldn’t be Jahangir Khan.”

Miandad said the biggest problem facing Pakistan was the country’s economy. “People want jobs; no one wants to play cricket or hockey. Their helplessness is being taken advantage of.”

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Miandad said Imran had himself played country cricket in England. “Were we crazy to play there? We played because of the money.”


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