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From Outlook and Perception to Family Pressure, Female Journalists Have to Face Multiple Challenges

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A female journalist Iqra Beg says she was used to be told that she must dress in a certain way with makeup and only then she might be able to get a job somewhere, but she didn’t give up.

Iqra points to one of the problems faced by the women who want to join the media industry.

In report a “Female Journalists Face Challenges in Pakistan”, the VOA (Voice of America) says men predominantly run the media industry in South Asia and particularly in Pakistan, But in recent years, more and more women are joining the workforce while managing tough assignments.

Iqra had hoped become a political reporter. She is now covering culture and entertainment after joining media in 2011.

On the other hand, Mania Shakil has just joined the profession. She wants to change the perception that the women can’t be credible journalists.

“Women are seen as women first and then journalists,” says Mania.

She says they have to start by first convincing the masses that the women can wander around in hot weather and chase stories; the women can stand near a bomb blast and do live reporting, and the women are not weak.

The VOA also mentions Kiran Khan who was injured in a bomb blast on Nov 21, 2012. She is currently working as a bureau chief of a private TV channel.

Kiran says her father asked her after the blast to stop, saying she had achieved her goal. “Do really think your daughter is so weak,” she replied after which he never raised the question again.

According to Kiran, she as a woman has to deal with different kinds of pressure. Firstly, she receives threats due to her position. And then there is pressure related to family and work, including quality and delivering within the stipulated time.

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