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CTD Advisers CEO Shoaib Bajwa’s Father Passes Away

British geopolitical strategist and CTD Advisers CEO Shoaib Bajwa’s father passed away this month in Dallas, United States (US).

87-year-old Salim Nasir Bajwa was born in an agriculture family in Sargodha in what was then British India. He served in British security services for almost 10 years in 1950s and was engaged in multiple entrepreneurial activities in Pakistan and abroad during his life.

Shoaib Bajwa said that his father was a caring and helpful man who preferred happiness and family value over monetary gains.

“My father had a healthy and happy life, he was always helpful to relatives and friends and was always there at times of happiness and sorrow for them. He was a content man and all his life worked to live. He preferred happiness and family values over money and always believed that his real assets are his children,” Bajwa said.

Salim Nasir Bajwa is survived by his wife Shahida Bajwa, daughter Asima Bajwa and three sons, Shoaib, Khalid and Bilal.

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