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‘Congratulations’ Mr Modi! India on course to Replace Secularism with Hindu Nationalism

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The mammoth electioneering in India negated many a predictions, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again emerged victorious and with a thumping majority. It seems India has settled on a plan of action to replace secularism with Hindu nationalism. Many experts had said that the Modi-led BJP won’t be in majority in Lok Sabha, but the popular verdict is in favour of Modi-ism. The phenomenon has generated war hysteria against Pakistan and bigotry against the Muslims who are 14.2 per cent of India’s total population.

The voter turnout was 0.7 per cent when compared with 2014 and the BJP bagged 21 more seats – a total of 303 seats out 543. In eight states, it secured over 50 per cent seats. As the BJP cut the Congress to size in national politics, Rahul Gandhi failed to win from the secured family constituency of Amethi.

In fact, India has virtually become a ‘Hindu Republic’. The corporate India and big businesses are acting as slaves of Modi-ism while the Indian media has propagated Modi-ism among the masses.

There is no doubt that the Modi-ism has penetrated deep into the secular India.  Despite the incumbency factor and the failure to deliver the promises made in 2014, the big majority reflects a startling transformation in India where the society is now divided between a Hindu majority and minority.

And amid the triumphant warmongering and anti-Muslim bigotry, the secular parties too may also follow the trend in future to bag votes in the next elections. It means that India and Pakistan will remain hostile to each other instead of advancing towards peace.

Ostensibly, Modi may be more autocratic in his approach and escalate prosecution against Muslims, Dalits and other minorities. The marginalisation of minorities can also result in mass expatriation. Apart from that, the BJP may also try to wrangling Muslims sentiment through the Ram Temple controversy. The colossal victory will eventually make him to appease his constituency.

It is feared that Modi will further suppress the Kashmiris and may attempt to revise the Article 370 that grants autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir. Even if status quo continues, the genocide of Kashmiris will augment. In spite of the catastrophic attitude of the BJP regime, the Indians chose to play into the hands of Hindutva.

After the BJP’s victory, Prime Minister Imran Khan posted a congratulatory tweet to which Modi responded with thanks. Pakistan has been expected that Modi may restart dialogue with Pakistan once elections were over in India; however, the election campaign was quite opposite to these expectations.

In the coming days, if Modi attempts to continue with his extremist policies, India may face disintegration through separatist movements, as the Indians have accepted the Hindu nationalism and authoritarianism.

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