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Chacha Cricket To Receive Global Sports Fans Award In June

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    Chacha Cricket is arguably one of the greatest sports fans ever. You name a cricket match featuring Pakistan and Chacha will be there.

    He has been cheering the team through ups and downs for 4 decades. Chaudhry Abdul Jalil, commonly known as Chacha Cricket, will be receiving the sports fans award in Manchester for his selfless support to the Pakistani cricket team.

    The Global Sports Fan Awards, slated two days before India vs Pakistan iconic ICC Cricket World Cup summit clash, on June 14 at Manchester, will honor the iconic Pakistani fan along with four greatest fans from four different countries.

    Speaking to Geo, Abdul Jalil expressed his joy saying that it was an emotional moment for him and he would like to thank his family and everyone who stood by him.

    “After five decades of Cricket frenzy madness, I am overwhelmed to get my first global recognition. This is an emotional moment for me and I would like to thank my family and all the well-wishers who stood beside me. Also inundated to stoke the fandom across Cricket playing nations,” he said.

    Chacha said that he was extremely happy that his decades-long love for cricket was being recognized. He said that he could not be happier.

    Hailing from Sialkot, Chacha who attended his first match in 1969 at Lahore is the most experienced fan who has seen pitches of the stadium and players of the fandom changing & evolving year on year.

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