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British-Pakistani Kid Becomes Youngest To Recite Numerical Value Of Pi To 104 Decimal Places

British-Pakistani kid, Muhammad Ahmed Khan, has become the youngest Briton to recite the numerical value of Pi to 104 decimal places.

According to a story published in Geo TV, the 5-year-old can recite the value of Pi to a whopping 104 decimal places in the quickest recorded time of 29 seconds.

The Horton Grange Primary School student completed the challenge during a school assembly session marking the International Pi Day.

Ahmed’s parents Hina Gull and Yasir Khan told Geo that they were overjoyed by their child’s record-breaking feat. They said that Ahmed is a shy and quiet personality and does not like talking much with people he does not know.

But he did talk to the Geo’s Murtaza Ali Shah and told him that maths was his favourite subject. “I also like space exploration. Blue cars are my favourite. I like playing computer games,” Ahmed was quoted as saying.

Ahmed’s parents said that they took turns teaching the Pi numerical values to their son, who learned them with ease. They said that the difficult task was to make him perform an audience, but the 5-year-old did ace that too.

Yasir Khan said he spotted his son’s liking for maths and he himself initially took interest in Pi challenge after coming across the same online.

Ahmed’s certificates and other documents have been sent to World Pi Rankings for verifications and his name would soon be listed in the official record books.

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