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BJP’s Aligarh MP Says His Priority Is To Send Jinnah’s Portrait In AMU To Pakistan

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Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) scored a sweeping victory in Indian Elections 2019 and several circles are worried that the next 5 years could be troublesome for the minorities and regional peace. While Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to work for regional peace and development, his ‘chowkidaars’ aren’t showing much promise.

BJP’s newly-elected MP from Aligarh, Satish Kumar Gautam, said that the first thing he would do after his appointment is to remove Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s portrait from the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and send it to Pakistan.

“Among my priorities is to send the portrait of Muhammad Ali Jinnah which is locked inside a room in AMU to Pakistan,” Gautam said while speaking to Indian news agency ANI.

Gautam secured 656215 votes defeating BSP candidate Ajeet Baliyan who bagged 426954 votes.

Earlier this week, BJP Lok Sabha Guman Singh Damor candidate stirred quite a controversy when he said that partition would not have happened if Jinnah was made the Prime Minister of the Indian subcontinent.

“If at the time of India’s independence, Jawaharlal Nehru had not been obstinate about being the PM, then the country’s partition would not have taken place. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was an advocate and a learned person,” Damor said.

In a possible bid to turn voters against top rivals Congress, Damor said that the party was the reason by the partition of India.

“If Jinnah would have been made the PM, then the country wouldn’t have been divided. The sole responsibility of the partition rests with the Congress,” he said.

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