9000Kg Lemons Seized From Warehouse In Peshawar. Sold At Half Price In Market

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9000Kg Lemons Seized From Warehouse In Peshawar. Sold At Half Price In Market

Peshawar district administration on Wednesday raided a cold storage facility in Chamkni area and recovered 9000 kilograms of lemon piled up due to increase in prices.

The cold storage facility owner was also fined Rs100,000, while the stock was sold at Rs200 per kg in a vegetable market. Deputy Commissioner Peshawar Muhammad Ali Asghar and Additional Assistant Commissioner Abdul Wali led the raid on the storage facility.

According to authorities, the ongoing crackdown against piling up stocks amid a sharp rise in the price of lemons would control its price in the open market.

According to a Dunya TV report, lemon was being sold as high as Rs400 per kg in various vegetable markets in Peshawar. Vegetable vendors said that lemon was available in small quantities, therefore, the prices had dramatically increased.

Residents complained that the hike in prices, especially in the month of Ramazan is extremely troublesome. One laborer told Dunya TV that he earns Rs400 a day off his work, the same amount lemons were being sold at. “Tell me, what do I do? Eat food, or buy lemons?”

Buyers also asked the administration to look into the matter and keep a check on prices, not only in Ramazan, but throughout the year.

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