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Women Beaten And Stripped By Husband, His Family In Islamabad

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A woman in Mozah Bokhar area of Islamabad was beaten and stripped by her husband and his family members when she sought maintenance. The suspect’s brother and brother-in-law assisted him as he hurled abuses at his wife, pulled her hair and assaulted her.

According to reports, the husband, Tahir Ali, also resorted to aerial firing which spread fear and panic in the neighbourhood. Tasmeen Bibi complained to the police that her husband was habitual of beating her.

She added that her husband does not provide her with maintenance, food and money and whenever she asks him to provide her, he abuses and beats her up.

“I demanded him to stop accusing me and provide things for the household after which he pulled my hair and dragged me across the floor,” she said, adding that her husband was assisted by his brother Zahid and brother-in-law Amir.

Recently, a man in Peshawar cut off his wife’s hair because she was ‘not covering her head’ during a wedding ceremony.

The wife lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against the husband in which she mentioned that she went to her husband’s cousin’s wedding ceremony where, at a moment, her Dupatta (shawl-like scarf) slipped off her head.

Infuriated at this, her husband chopped her hair off after smashing her with punches and kicks when the two returned home. The husband, member of Malakand Levies force, then took a scissor and chopped her hair.

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