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Wife Kills Husband For Not Buying Chicken Legs For Her

A woman in east China stabbed her husband to death after he forgot to bring home some chicken legs the wife had asked for. After a heated argument, the wife rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a fruit knife and slashed her husband to death.

According to Daily Mail, the husband identified as Wu Shouchun came home empty-handed and that got the wife furious. Family relatives said that the wife, named Luo, had become bad-tempered and spoiled after getting married.

She would also physically assault her husband frequently, but the latter would never retaliate. Neighbors also said that the two argued on a daily basis.

Wu’s mother He Changying said that her daughter-in-law had asked her son to bring home some chicken legs, but he forgot. She said she was in the bathroom when she heard the two arguing and her daughter-in-law screaming at him.

The couple with their daughter. (Photo: Kan Kan News)

Moments later, when He came out of the bathroom, she saw her son lying in a pool of blood. Rescuers were called to the spot but Wu had already passed away before aid could reach him.

The couple, who have a son and daughter, often argued about the caretaking responsibilities of Wu’s elderly mother. The wife reportedly wanted to shift He Changying to a storage room with no windows, which Wu Shouchun had always refused.

This is said to have deteriorated their relationship.

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