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Toxic Habits That Prevent Women From Achieving Success

Want to adopt some good habits or become mentally strong? It is the same as building muscles. Repeat the good habits, like lifting weights, and you become stronger and better as a result. But if you really want to make progress, giving up bad habits is equally important. One or two bad habits can prevent you from reaching your full potential. The book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do, explains how women can adopt better habits and make them stick. Cultural expectations, gender bias, and the differences in upbringing, stop girls from reaching their ambitions. Here is an outline of what can go wrong in a girl’s life and how to overcome them in order to be a strong woman:

  • Don’t Compare Yourself With Others: Yes, the Insta feed can be your undoing. Comparing yourself to others takes your focus away from your goals.
  • Stop seeking perfection: Embrace productivity instead and kill the stress. Expect more from yourself but stay balanced.

  • Weakness is not a vulnerability: Ask for help, acknowledge you were wrong, admit to the mistake, move on. If you are too tough, you are not human.

  • End Self-doubt: Don’t believe everything others tell you, and don’t believe everything you tell yourself either. Look ahead.

  • Overthinking is an enemy: Yes, get out of that loop or your mental health will take a dip. Move on.

  • Welcome tough challenges: Don’t be afraid to ask for more. Lead, face your fears, accept extra load and get into those uncomfortable conversations.

  • Break the rules without fretting: Yes, we mean what we say  here.

  • No – don’t put others down: You know what we are talking about here. No dirty office politics or ego battles.

  • Don’t allow anyone to limit your potential: Believe in yourself and your dreams. The critics will know they were wrong someday. Or may be they will be off Facebook by then out of sheer frustration.

  • Don’t Blame yourself: Toxic self-blame is a killer.

  • Speak Up: Everywhere. The Invisible are going nowhere.

  • Reinvent Yourself: If Madonna can do it a hundred times, so can you.

  • Own Your Success: Cut down that “thank you” speech and note. You did it, not the babysitter, boyfriend or mummy.



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Naya Daur