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Top PTI Govt’s Achievements since Election 2018

There’s been fair bit of criticism against PTI govt lately, but while there have been quite a few downs during the last 8 months, there have been some laud-worthy ups too.

Here are some of the moves that deserve appreciation:

Kartarpur Border Opening

Indian Sikhs had long prayed for Kartarpur Border opening and PTI was the one that brought about the necessary change. For this, they were lauded from both sides of the border.

Pulwama Attack And Pak-India Tensions

Pulwama Attack in occupied-Kashmir, Indian ‘airstrikes’ in Balakot and Pakistan shooting down an Indian aircraft had tensions rise up between the two countries, but it was Imran Khan’s visionary leadership that de-escalated a situation that could’ve easily gone out of hands.

Tree Campaign

With soaring rates of pollution and environmental woes, PTI’s tree tsunami is a much needed relief. In September 2018, PTI kick-started 10 billion tree-planting program aimed at making Pakistan cleaner and greener.

Shelter Homes

Another feather in PTI’s cap is the shelter homes project. Through this project, govt aims to provide the homeless with shelter and food, and homes in Multan, Peshawar and Karachi have already been made.

Opening Governor House For Public

PTI also opened the Punjab and Sindh Governor houses and the Murree Government House for public to connect with the masses. Symbolically, it’s a great gesture for strengthening democracy.


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