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Thar Needs A University To Keep Its Best Minds From Leaving The Region And Help Fix It

We all are aware of Thar’s situation. But when I shared with the faculty members and the students of Arizona Western College, Yuma in the United States, they took placards in their hands and raised the voice for #TharNeedsUniversity. The people of Thar need education. It has 1.65 million population and largest district of Sindh by land area.

Thar is rich in minerals, folk culture, religious and cultural heritage, diversity, tolerance, and peace but we don’t have any university in this beautiful area wherefrom we can learn to conserve and preserve such endangered heritage.

Do you know Thari women have made a record with the astonishing number of voters in general elections 2018 in order to get the right of education for their generation? They don’t want to see their little petals in fields without knowing the value of land and alphabet of agriculture mechanism.

Their contribution proved that this is a way to come forward and express their existence. According to the reports and details shared by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and District Returning Officer (DRO) Tharparkar, Thari women have left the previous record behind by showing excellent performance in last week’s general elections. The two constituencies of the remote backward area of district Tharparkar NA-221 and NA-222 touch the highest voter ratio in Pakistan.

It has also been observed that people from far-flung areas of the district come to their constituencies to cast vote rather than thinking about the unavailability of drinking water, the source of communication and access of transportation just to get the right of education by establishing institutions and universities in Thar.

When asked, Zulifqar Khoso, a citizen journalist, said, “Over fifty luminaries hailing from Sindh’s desert of Thar believe the real cause of underdevelopment of their area is lack of human resource which can only be produced through setting up educational institutions in the area.”

The desire to have a university in Thar has been put on a paper prepared by Thar Academia Forum. The formal request has been signed by BS Chaudhry, a Higher Education Commission (HEC) official, Prof Dr. Jailmal, Prof Dr. Feroz Memon, Sohail Sangi, Dr. Abdul Ghani, Dr. Gulzar, Dr. Qasim Samejo and others.

Many representatives of Tharparkar in Sindh Government have shared their tweets and spokesman to chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, MPA Sindh Surendar Valasai, has stressed that the ‘issue of Thar University has been taken up at the highest level in my PPP and I am sure this dream of the most brilliant brains of my beloved Thar will come true’.

However, MPA, and President People’s Cultural Wing Sindh, Qasim Soomro has claimed that ‘I have already raised the issue with Asif Ali Zardari. He is of the view that we should first make a comprehensive study on what subjects we should look forward to introduce at this university. He has expressed compete support for the cause”.

Prominent journalists including Riaz Sohail, Amar Guriro, Sanjay Sadhwani, Kapil Dev and many others are leading chapters of this caravan.

#TharNeedsUniversity is not just a Twitter trend but a voice of the deprived and underprivileged region of Tharparkar, which is pumping power into national grid station but seeking the opportunity to keep its brightest minds from leaving by setting up a university in the area.



  1. Abdulmajeed Dohat April 15, 2019

    Well written

  2. Maha Dev Makwano June 8, 2019

    It is really a great writeup.


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