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Targeted Attacks Against Hazara-Shias Continue Unabated

In 2013 when mass bombings by anti-Shia militant group LeJ were a routine in the province, the families of victims staged a sit-in following a large scale attack along with bodies of their loved ones.

The protest that continued for 4 days in Quetta in sub-zero temperature prompted concerned citizens to stage similar sit-ins in other cities. Two such protests were held by the heirs of victims in the city within 2 years.

After the first sit-in in 2013, governor rule was imposed in the province. The families buried their dead 4 days after the attack. Promises of cracking down on the terrorists were made by govt but they remain unfulfilled.

6 years later, there has been no respite for the ill-fated Hazaras despite successive govts’ claims of having defeated terrorism. Although the number of large scale terror attacks declined, Hazaras remain on the receiving end of targeted killings.

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