Cartoon By Afraid Canvas: Stop Hazara Genocide

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Hazara community has been under attack for decades in Pakistan. The community is predominantly Shia and has been victim to the violence perpetrated by radical Sunni groups like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and now Daesh. The Hazaras started to migrate to the present-day Pakistan from Afghanistan back in 1880s, fleeing the persecution under Emir Abdul Rahman Khan. Another wave of migration followed in 1990s when civil war engulfed Afghanistan and radical Sunni group Tehreek-e-Taliban eventually went on to acquire power. Moreover, being a minority in both Afghanistan and Pakistan (Hazaras are Mongol descendants), Hazaras have always been isolated ethnically too. According to a 2018 report by National Commission for Human Rights, 509 Hazaras had been killed during 2013 and 2018. Recently, another blast in Quetta’s Hazarganji area left at least 20 dead and 48 injured. It is believed that the perpetrators are systematically wiping out the Hazara community of Quetta in a genocidal activity. Afraid Canvas in this graphic calls for an end to Hazara Genocide in Pakistan.

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