Spring Glare - A Poem

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Spring Glare – A Poem

Hear hear, can you hear?
The breeze whispers in your ear
Dull and dreary break away
Colour of the sky is now clear

Behold behold, can you see?
Life is growing on the tree
Whatever was drab and dirty
Colourful and bright is going to be

Feel feel, can you feel?
Everything’s got an appeal
God sprinkles the spice of spring
and warm sunshine is your meal

Smell smell, can you smell?
Odor of spring has a spell
See the colours changing, and
Paradise being carved out of hell

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1 Comment

  1. Ali April 15, 2019

    Spot On Rhythm I must Say.
    Keep it up.
    Love the way u write.
    Stay Blessed.


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