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‘Some People’ Received Rs7 Billion In Kickbacks: BRT Report Reveals

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The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) provincial inspection submitted a detailed report over the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and revealed that ‘some people’ received Rs 7 billion in kickbacks. Moreover, the BRT was launched without any proper planning and that was reason why there were repeated changes in road construction plan. 

The report was presented to KP Chief Minister Mehmood Khan. The inspection unit raised serious reservations over the project and said that it was not properly planned out and initiated in haste.

The team has found that the route was constructed without feasibility, geotechnical, sewerage, traffic and water supply studies undertaken. 

Sources told Express Tribune that one of the major flaws in the project was miscalculation of the entire elevation section. This means that the city will suffer from severe traffic jams for mixed traffic as long as the problem persists.

The source said that two traffic signals, the ones at Peshawar Club and BRT elevator, are just 50 metres apart. “How is it possible for traffic to move smoothly with two signals just 50 metres apart,” he asked.

Another source said that the road width had narrowed after construction of the BRT tracks, and that will lead to traffic jams. He said that the project cost was Rs68 billion but is expected to rise to make amends to miscalculations and problems caused by poor planning.     

Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) Director General Israrullah said that he had not read the inspection report yet, but the Asian Development Bank (ADB) compiled a pre-feasibility report. He said that there will be three-lane roads on either sides of BRT and that will solve the traffic problems.

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