Saudi Arabia Executes Pakistani Woman, Husband For 'Smuggling Heroin'

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Saudi Arabia Executes Pakistani Woman, Husband For ‘Smuggling Heroin’

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Friday executed a Pakistani couple over ‘heroin smuggling’. The couple was found guilty by a Saudi court for drug trafficking in the country.

The country’s ministry, in a press release, stated that Muhammad Mustafa and Fatima Ijaz were “arrested when they smuggled a quantity of heroin”. The ministry said that the punishments were approved by the respective court and also the Supreme Court.

A royal order to implement the death sentences were issued, and the duo were executed in Jeddah.

The Justice Project Pakistan (JPP) has condemned the execution of the Pakistani woman and also growing number of executions by the Saudi government. JPP said that it was ‘outraged’ that Saudi Arabia made such a move “despite the fact that the two nations are currently negotiating a prisoner transfer agreement”.

The JPP press release said that a third Pakistani, identified as Abdul Malik, was also executed by the Kingdom and that his name was not officially mentioned in the release by Saudi authorities. JPP raised concerns that most of the people caught in prisons are low-paid laborers who are tricked into trafficking drugs.

The body also raised objections over the Pakistani government’s complete abandonment of its people in Saudi jails.

Last month, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman visited Pakistan and assured Prime Minister Imran Khan that the Kingdom will release over 2,100 Pakistani prisoners.

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