Russian Priest Banned From Cathedral Because His Wife Won Beauty Contest

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Russian Priest Banned From Cathedral Because His Wife Won Beauty Contest

A Russian priest was banned from entering cathedral and banished to another village after his wife won a beauty contest in the country, English Daily Mail Online reported.

32-year-old Oksana Zotova won the ‘Miss Sexuality’ beauty contest in Magnitogorsk, Russia but faced immense backlash from certain circles. Her husband, who is a priest at Magnitogorsk Cathedral, has been exiled to a remote village which is 43 miles away from his residence.

Photo: Mail Online

The 31-year-old cleric has been told he has no way back because of the ‘scandal’, unless his wife. a beauty therapist with her own salon, ‘repents’.

The couple has received ‘threats, abuses and derogatory messages’ from unknown numbers.

The husband said that the wife knows what ‘she did wrong and understands her mistake’ but refuses to apologize to the church and in fact, has criticized it.

Zotova received a raft of criticism for her “sinful” behaviour and “glamour lady appearance” despite no photos of her being risqué.

She is accused of flaunting her ‘luxury’ lifestyle by showing off her “red lips, pink skirt, high heels and iPhone” when the priest and their families should express exemplary and ‘modest’ behaviour.

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