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Qureshi Vs. Tareen: Karma Is Ruthless, Indeed

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You reap what you sow. PTI is in a similar position in terms of governance. Generally, speeches aren’t taken too seriously. However, in Imran Khan’s case, nation really did expect ‘tabdeeli’. But nothing seems to have changed.

The recent scuffle between Jahangir Tareen and Shah Mehmood Qureshi came to the fore with latter’s press conference on the media. Shah Mehmood strongly suggested that Tareen should avoid attending government meetings following disqualification under Article 62(1)(f) from the apex court because when Nawaz Sharif was disqualified under the same article, he too had been barred by Supreme Court from attending official meetings.

Let’s not forget that PTI had strongly protested against Nawaz Sharif attending government meetings. Moreover, Supreme Court also forced Sharif to leave his position in the party. When PML-N passed the Election Act 2017 (clause 203), Supreme Court struck down the act of parliament.

Tareen, though resigned from party position, often still attends cabinet meetings. Qureshi says that this gives PML-N a reason to criticise PTI. Morally, he’s right. However, dissent should’ve been expressed in party meetings, not at a public forum.

On the other hand, some believe the scuffle is an eyewash, created to divert attention from rising petroleum prices. But it’s also true that the two have repeatedly exchanged hot words since the intraparty election. And it never ended.

Shah Mehmood’s statements also coincide with the shambles that Punjab government is in. A notification issued two days back authorized Shahbaz Gill (spokesperson of Punjab CM) to oversee the governance in various departments of Punjab. Before the elections, Shah Mehmood was the strongest contender for Punjab CM’s position. And Tareen has a very strong backing in PTI Punjab chapter, whether it’s through Aleem Khan or the Q league. Apparently, all of them are inactive. Aleem Khan is behind the bars and replacement is also under consideration in Punjab. Hypothetically speaking, Qureshi might be trying to find support, bashing Tareen. But this hardly has a chance of working.

Almost all bigwigs in the party expressed support for Tareen. The reason is obvious. PM Khan has a tilt towards him. Tareen’s grip, despite disqualification, remains firm on the party. And party workers also acknowledge his efforts. From the inclusion of independent members (after elections) to party funding, everything is well-known.

But what about PTI’s moral stance? Imran has always been very vocal about the moralities in politics. One wonders what happens to that morality when Tareen attends cabinet meetings.

Initially, Imran Khan;s struggle was ideological. After 2011, he became semi-logical, welcoming corrupt turncoats into the party yet attacking others for the same. And before 2018 election, he turned out to be a completely compromised politician. Not in terms of corruption, but in his hunger for power. That’s why, despite his past shenanigans against Nawaz, he’s still inviting Tareen to attend cabinet meetings.

It’s unfortunate that the youth believed in PM Khan. Today Imran has everything to lose. Even some ministers might quit the party. And PM Khan will be all alone in the dark all of a sudden. Karma is ruthless, indeed.

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