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PTI Is Failing To Control Inflation

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Inflation has hit 9.41 percent, a five-year high. Two days earlier, petrol prices were increased by Rs6 per litre amid severe backlash for the ruling PTI.

The prices of light diesel and kerosene oil increased by Rs3 per litre each, while high-speed diesel soared to Rs117.43. Prices of food items also rose in the month of March.

Onions saw highest increase in price (39.28 percent), fresh vegetables ranked second (24.43pc), followed by tomatoes (18.83pc), chicken (15.88pc), pulse Moong (12.68pc), fresh fruits (12.52pc) and the list goes on. Among non-food items, textbooks, cotton clothes, medical equipment, stationary, plastic products, education and transport services saw the highest increase in prices.

Also, increase of 11.44pc in wholesale price index shows that prices of non-perishable products will go up at the retail level too. But that’s not the end of bad news. Asad Umar says that the economic difficulties will continue to ‘at least’ two more years before PTI’s economic reforms took root.

It’s clear that the ruling PTI is failing to control inflation. But if they don’t make the right moves quickly, the economic woes might cost the party a bit too heavily.


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