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PM Khan’s Remarks About BJP Win An Attempt To Influence Indian Polls: Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a jab at Prime Minister Imran Khan saying that the latter’s remarks regarding Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s victory in elections was an attempt to influence polls.

In an interview with a foreign media channel, Khan had said that if BJP and Modi win Indian elections this year, there were better chances of peace talks between Pakistan and India and resolution of the Kashmir issue.

But Narendra Modi believes Khan was hatching a conspiracy against him.

“We should not forget that Imran Khan was a cricketer and his recent statement was an attempt at reverse swing to influence Indian elections,” the Indian premier said, adding that “Indians were experts at playing the helicopter shot on reverse swing”.

He also recalled Khan’s pre-election speeches in which the Pakistani premier had slammed Modi and any one who was his ‘friend’. “It is the same Imran Khan who had said ‘Modi Ka Jo Yaar Hai, Ghadar Hai (He who is a friend of Modi is a traitor)’. How can you forget that?”

In the interview, Modi also expressed confidence that the BJP would dominate in the elections. Modi had led the BJP to its first ever majority in the Lok Sabha polls in 2014 winning 282 of the total 543 seats.

Modi has repeatedly ignored Pakistani PM’s advances to peace-talks between the two countries. During the February episode between the two countries, Khan made three attempts to arrange a telephonic conversation with Modi, but the latter did not respond.


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