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Pamphlets Allegedly Distributed By TTP Warn Police To Leave S. Waziristan

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The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has allegedly distributed pamphlets in Wana, South Waziristan, on Sunday night warning police to leave the area, just two days ahead of a scheduled visit by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Police should leave Wana subdivision and Mehsud area forthwith otherwise we (TTP) will force them out,” the pamphlet written in Urdu states.

The pamphlets warns police officers that if they do not heed the warning and leave the area in three days’ time they will be treated like SP Tahir Dawar who was killed in October of last year. “We kidnapped a police officer from Islamabad because he ignored our warnings.” The terrorist organisation added that as ‘a gesture of hospitality’ the officers could stay in Wana for a few days. The leaflets also warns locals to sever ties with the officials in the area.

PM Imran Khan is scheduled to visit Wana on Wednesday where he will hold a rally. The leaflet read that TTP has serious concerns regarding the visit and warned local elders and others against attending the gathering.

However, Adviser to Chief Minister Ajmal Khan Wazir, speaking to a local publication said the prime minister’s visit would go ahead as planned, adding that certain people with hidden agendas were attempting to create fear among locals by distributing such leaflets.

The pamphlets also denounce a culture festival that was recently held in Wana, adding that the local administration in organising such events was trying to encourage indecency and vulgarity; and issued warnings against local journalists and polio workers from carrying on their duties.



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