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Pakistan Vloggers Are Disappointed At Govt Ignoring Them

Pakistan organised a Tourism Summit earlier this month aimed at promoting tourism and Pakistan’s peaceful image. Several foreign vloggers were invited to the event but Pakistani vloggers were extremely disappointed.

Bilal Hassan said that as a travel blogger who has dedicated a large part of his life to help tourism flourish in Pakistan, he was quite disappointed.

Urooj Hussain said it was unfair to ignore the large number of local bloggers who have been exploring and showcasing Pakistan for many years. Anam Hakeem said she was happy that events of this magnitude were happening, but was disappointed that govt ignored Pakistani content creators.

But vlogger Umar Khan slammed his counterparts for having ‘fragile egos’ and questioning ‘government’s integrity’. He also asked Pakistani vloggers to stop making it ‘personal’.

But Umar was shut by actress Armeena Khan though, who said that ethnic minorities face injustices based on their colour abroad and what people are annoyed with is exclusion of brown faces.


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