Pakistan ranks 139th on Press Freedom Index 2018

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Pakistan ranks 139th on Press Freedom Index 2018

Pakistan is ranked 139th in the 2018 Press Freedom Index according to the Reporters Sans Frontières. On its website, RSF reported several cases of ‘brazen censorship’. The organization also mentioned the PMRA saying that the ‘regulation’ was clearly intended to mean ‘censorship’.

Journalist Amir Zia said the situation in the media in Pakistan was better than it used to be in the past. Zia said that in comparison to other Muslim countries, South Asian countries and states like China and Singapore, media had more freedom.

Journalist Matiullah Jan told Naya Daur that it was but one of the tools only; the real problem lied in self-censorship. He also said that journalists and media houses were being economically strangled.

Journalist Muhammad Ziauddin called PMRA ‘a black law’. He opined that PMRA does not aim to regulate social media as much as it aims to regulate the mainstream media.

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