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Pakistan Displeased With Iran Over ‘Inaction’ Against Terrorist Groups

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has lodged a strong protest with Iran over its ‘inaction’ against terrorist groups said to be involved in Ormara massacre.

On Thursday, 14 people were offloaded from a bus from Karachi to Gwadar and shot dead on Makran Coastal Highway.

MoFA said that intelligence information was shared with Iran about the groups, yet no action was taken by the neighbouring country. In a letter written to the Iranian embassy on Friday, the MoFA stated: “Killing of 14 innocent Pakistanis by terrorist groups based in Iran is a very serious incident that Pakistan protests strongly.”

Around 15-20 assailants from BRAS, an alliance three Baloch terrorist organizations, claimed responsibility of the attack. According to the authorities, the terrorists had come from the border region and fled back to the area after killing 14 out of the 16 people offloaded from the bus.

2 others managed to escape to a nearby Levies checkpost.

MoFA said that “information about the hubs of these Baloch terrorist organisations in Iran, having training camps and logistics bases across the border” was shared with the neighbouring country, but Iran took no notice.

Earlier this week, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif condemned the attack that took place on Makran Coastal Highway.

“Strongly condemning the recent terrorist attack in Pakistan, just as PM Imran Khan embarks on his first, historic visit to Iran.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit Iran on Sunday to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries.

To know more about the Ormara Attack, watch the video below:


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