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Newly-Established Model Courts Lauded For Solving 2301 Cases In 15 Days

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The recently-established model courts initiated by Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa have resolved a total of 2301 cases since inception.

These cases include 888 murder cases 1413 cases of Narcotics. Statements of 9715 witnesses in different cases before these Model Courts were recorded in 15 working days alone.

A total of 116 Model Courts throughout the country had started their operation on April 1st. The outstanding performance of these Model Courts was acknowledged by Director General Monitoring Cell Sohail Nasir during a meeting of the National Judicial (Policy Making) Committee (NJPMC).

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa. Chief justices of all high courts among others attended the meeting.

Nasir further briefed the meeting that some of the Presiding Officers decided all the cases assigned to them under the expeditious justice initiative and that they may be given some assignment.

The committee directed that the high courts concerned may administratively order such arrangements under which the judges who have zero pendency may be asked to tour other districts for disposal of cases.

The committee also reviewed the progress of Police Complaint Redressal Mechanism in the country and showed satisfaction that during the period of January to March 2019 the offices of the SP Complaints throughout the country decided around 19,000 complaints, thus reducing the burden on formal courts.

The committee clarified that in the last NJPMC meeting held in March, it was decided that the High Courts and Sessions Courts may entertain applications/cases under section 22-A Cr.P.C, after the aggrieved person had exhausted the remedy before Complaint Redressal Center of Police Department. A copy of the order/decision of the SP (Complaints) of relevant district is to be appended with such a petition.

On the suggestions and feedback received form the representatives of Bars/legal fraternity, the issue raised by the Bars representatives were addressed/ resolved with consensus in an amicable manner.

The Committee has resolved that an aggrieved person shall ‘have a choice’ to approach either SP Complaints concerned or Justice of Peace directly or through a counsel who shall call a report from the concerned SP Complaints which shall reach Justice of Peace no later than 7 days.

Where the justice of peace is approached he shall keep the matter pending for 7 days awaiting the report. Thereafter, he shall decide the same in accordance with the law.

As far as issues qua Model Courts are concerned, it was decided that case scheduling would be carried out with the consent of concerned lawyers.

It would be made sure that all legal requirements are fulfilled as per law including manner of recording of evidence by the Presiding Officer.

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