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Neighbour Allegedly Rapes 2-Year-Old Girl In Islamabad

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Islamabad police on Monday arrested a suspect over alleged rape of a 2-year-old girl in Baha Karu area, Dawn News reported.

A First Information Report (FIR) filed by the mother said that the 2-year-old had gone to her grandmother’s house in the neighbourhood in the morning. When the mother came out looking for the child, she was not found at her grandmother’s house.

Hours later, the child came crying towards her grandmother’s home from a house nearby. The grandmother of the child then went inside the house where the girl had emerged from. The suspect who was living in a house nearby and was hiding in the bathroom.

When the woman knocked on the door, the man came running out saying that he ‘had not done anything’.

The mother of the minor said that she saw blood stains on clothes of her daughter. Later, she said, the child was taken to the Polyclinic Hospital where a doctor after an initial examination said she had been raped.

Police have registered a case and arrested the suspect, but are waiting for medico-legal examination for further legal action.

3,832 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in Pakistan during 2018 according to the statistics provided in a recent report compiled by SAHIL, a non-governmental organisation. While the number is itself worrisome, let’s not forget that a large number of the abuse still goes unreported.

In an earlier report, published in August 2018, SAHIL had reported that approximately 12 cases of child abuse were being reported in Pakistan every day. The current number also almost corroborates with the data from the first 7 months of the previous year.

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