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Miandad Speaks Out Against PM’s Decision To End Departmental Cricket

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Cricket legend Javed Miandad on Saturday spoke out against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to end departmental cricket.

The former skipper held a press conference along with Jahangir Khan and Islahuddin Siddique and criticised the premier’s decision of abolishing departmental cricket in the country, saying that it was a source of income for players, adding that until departmental cricket and sports were being held, the country was making great progress.

“I can say with surety that if it wasn’t for PIA, Jahangir Khan wouldn’t be Jahangir Khan,” Miandad said.

Miandad said the biggest problem facing Pakistan was the country’s economy. “People want jobs, no one wants to play cricket or hockey. Their helplessness is being taken advantage of,” he added.

The cricket star pointed out that the PM himself had played country cricket in England. “Were we crazy to play there? We played because of the money.”

“Imran Khan ask your PTI supporters who you have taken votes from if what we are saying is correct or is what you are saying correct,” he stated.

It was previously reported that the prime minister had ordered Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani to end department cricket in the country.




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