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Man Behind The Peshawar Polio Drama Arrested

Peshawar police have arrested a man suspected of starting the rumours to derail the on-going anti-polio campaign in the city, Express News reports.

According to the police, the man identified as Nazar Gul conspired against the ongoing polio drive by asking healthy children to act sick in Hayatabad Medical Complex. Gul has denied the charges.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister’s Focal Person on Polio Eradication Babar bin Atta tweeted that police had filed charges against 12 people suspected to be behind the Peshawar Polio Drama.

The Peshawar polio drama began on Monday when angry protesters burnt down the Basic Health Unit Mashokhel in the city, after rumours emerged that several children had got sick after taking the anti-polio vaccine. The children were rushed to Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital where the medical staff after a through examination dismissed the rumours as hearsay.

“The anti-polio vaccine is the safest vaccine that has protected millions of children from disabilities. The polio vaccine is administered to millions of children during every polio campaign without any adverse effects,” EOC Coordinator Capt (retd) Kamran Afridi said.



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