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‘I Am Not Disabled, But Differently-Abled’: Sajida Bibi, Who Won Gold At Abu Dhabi Special Olympics 2019

  • 23

Sajida Bibi, who bagged a gold medal in tennis doubles at the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics 2019, said that she wants to move forward from the ‘special’ category and compete in other tournaments across the world.

The duo of Sajida Bibi and Erza defeated a team from the United States (US) in the final to win the gold medal. “I want people to call me differently-abled rather than being called disabled person,” Sajida said while speaking at Samaa TV’s morning show Naya Din.

She added that although she defeated the United States, it was not the end for her. Rather it was the beginning of her sporting career and she was happy because her family and friends were fully supportive.

Her trainer Sharjeel also shared her story saying that the biggest hurdle was getting her family to allow her to stay at the training camp for the Abu Dhabi Olympics.

Sharjeel said that there are around 18-20 training camps before an event and the athletes are expected to stay at the camp for around 15 days. “She belongs to a family where wearing pants and t-shirts was a taboo,” Sharjeel said, adding that persuading her family to allow the sporting attire was another hurdle.

Pakistan won nine gold, 11 silver, and nine bronze medals in Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi. Pakistan’s 92 athletes competed in 10 fields.

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