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Hunza ‘First District In Asia’ To Ban Plastic Bags

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Adviser to prime minister on climate change Malik Ameen Aslam on Tuesday announced ban on plastic bags in Islamabad and four other provinces to combat climate change.

He also claimed that Hunza became the first district in Asia to ban plastic bags. “Necessary legislation will be made to impose ban on plastic bags usage across the country,” he said.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of banning use of plastic shopping bags in Altit area of Hunza, Aslam announced the ban, adding that the section 144 has been imposed to implement the ban.

Aslam appreciated the people of Hunza for their active participation in the initiative saying that without Hunza residents, it would not have been possible.

The PM’s adviser said Prime Minister Imran Khan during his upcoming China visit would sign agreements to start construction of public parks in Gilgit-Baltistan.

He said the government would not let Hunza turn into another ‘Murree’ and massive unplanned constructions would be regulated to protect natural environment.

Pakistan produces 6 billion plastic bags which go into rivers and choke marine life.

According to UN, 164,332 tons of plastic is dumped into Indus basin which is 2nd highest of any ocean globally. Micro plastic, which can’t be seen with naked eye, ends up polluting Indus river basin.

When plastic comes in contact with heat, it converts into smaller particles. These smaller particles become part of the food cycle of marine life, human and also mammals living on land.

According to a research, humans eat 72,000 micro plastic from indoor and outdoor air annually, which poses serious health risks including cancer, fatigue and obesity.

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