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‘How Much Money Did Afghanistan’s NDS Give You?’: DG ISPR To PTM Leadership

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Director-General Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Thursday said that India must understand that times have changed now and that it was not 1971. He also slammed Pashtun Tahhafuz Movement (PTM) saying that it was using people ‘to its own advantage’.

Addressing a press conference, DG ISPR lauded media’s role in the latest episode of soaring tensions between the Pakistan and India and said that if the country’s media was as strong in 1971 as it was now, Pakistan would have busted Indian lies back then too. “India must not be mistaken. Neither is it 1971 and nor are we the same armed forces. Don’t test our resolve. If the time comes, the entire nation will stand shoulder to shoulder with its armed forces to defend our homeland,” he said.

Criticising the neighbouring country and its media, Asif Ghafoor said that Indian has been spewing lies since February 27. “It’s been 2 months since February 27, but India has not stopped lying. We can give a befitting response but we believe in professionalism.”

DG ISPR also announced that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) pilots who shot down two Indian jets will be awarded for their efforts. “In February, Pakistan shot down 2 Indian jets, and the wreckage was witnessed by the entire world. We will present the pilots who shot Indian jets down with an award soon”.

Where are you getting your funds from? DG ISPR Asks PTM leadership to answer ‘a few’ questions 

About the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM), DG ISPR said that the movement did not aim to solve issues of people of the tribal areas but to use them to its own advantage.

“The security agencies have a few questions that they want PTM to answer. First of all, where does PTM get its funds from? How much money did you (PTM) get from Afghanistan’s intelligence agency NDS? And where did you get funds from for Islamabad Dharna?”

He said that the PTM was accusing the police and army of ‘murdering’ Arman Loni, but reports revealed that he died due to a cardiac arrest. “The PTM leader came in large numbers to attend Arman Loni’s funeral. They could have also attended funeral prayers of 10 security officials who were martyred earlier. They were silent then.”

Talking about Pakistan’s education system, Maj Gen Ghafoor regretted that 25 million children in Pakistan are currently out of schools.

“These children then go to madressahs, 30,000 of which exist in Pakistan at the moment. Out of these, less than 100 were found to be the kind that were pushing children towards extremism.”

“So out of 30,000 only 100 are faulty and if these were shut, what will happen to the millions of children who go to these madressahs.

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