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Here’s How ZA Bhutto Was Sentenced To Death Via Sham Trial

On March 18, 1978 Chief Justice Mushtaq Hussain of Lahore High Court read out the verdict in Nawab Mohammad Ahmad Khan Kasuri murder case. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was awarded death sentence along with 3 others.

The verdict stated that the major accused was the conspirator. And that he had turned FSF into an instrument against political opponents. Bhutto appealed against the decision in Supreme Court. Out of the 9 judges, 2 were clearly in Bhutto’s favour; Qaiser Khan and Waheeduddin.

Chief Justice Anwarul Haq deliberately delayed hearings till Justice Qaiser Khan’s retirement. And then didn’t wait for Justice Waheeduddin’s recovery from illness.

On February 6, 1979, the verdict was announced. It was a 4-3 split decision against the former premier. On the eve of April 3, jail superintendent visited Bhutto in his cell, along with a witness and informed Bhutto he would be executed in the morning.

Col Rafiuddin who was standing beside the superintendent said he did not see any sign of panic on Bhutto’s face. At 2:04 AM, the executioner whispered something into Bhutto’s ear. And then pressed the lever. The first elected prime minister of Pakistan was ‘hanged till death’.


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