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Canadian Woman Forgives Men Who Harassed Her In Islamabad

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Canadian travel blogger, Assma Galuta has pardoned the two men who had been arrested for allegedly harassing her in Bahria Town Islamabad, Dawn News reports.

Galuta had issued a complaint to Pakistan Citizens’ Portal on April 15, stating that two men in a car harassed her in Bahria Town Phase VII and asked her to get in the vehicle.

The harassment didn’t end there, the two men tried to block the tourist as she made her way to a cab and followed her to Islamabad. They also kept trying to block the cab and asked the driver where he was taking her.

To get away, Galuta asked the driver to drop her at a local mall, where she hid until the two men left.

The two men, who turned out to be university students and Bahria Town residents were arrested on Thursday. The police informed Galuta of the arrest and she arrived at the police station and positively identified the suspects.

But after the suspects and their family members profusely apologized for their behavior, the Canadian decided to pardon them and the two men were released.

Before the incident with Gulata, another travel vlogger Alex Reynolds stated that Pakistan was not a safe country for women.

She said that Pakistan is a ‘really cool country and has a lot of potential for Tourism’, but the PTS 2019 administration only wanted to know how ‘awesome’ Pakistan was and were not willing to take a deeper look into the existing problems. After being silenced during the summit, she took to social media to address her concerns.



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