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Ali Noor Thinks Discussing Menstruation With Daughter Not A Big Deal

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Singer Ali Noor of Manwa Re fame is not your run of the mill celebrity. The singer recently posted a video of him answering fans questions on his YouTube channel. In the video Ali sits surrounded by his family and pet dog. The singer was asked a number of questions both professional and personal, serious and light.

While answering the questions, Ali was his usual candid casual self that we all love. His family is also seriously adorable and appears a close and loving unit.

One moment that stood out was when the singer was asked whether he would discuss menstruation with his daughter (Sanjana). Without blinking an eye the singer turned to his daughter and replied: ‘”Tell them what we talked about. We talk about it all the time. She’s a pretty cool girl.”

The matter of fact way Ali dealt with a question regarding one of the most tabooed subject in our society was to quote him ‘pretty cool’. Way to go Ali, you rock!




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